Web user data and how user data Discuz consistent? ?

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2009-05-10 01:04:33

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Now website has been formed (JAVA-based development, deployed in Tomcat, the database: mysql), would like to add a Web-based forum, under a Discuz, can be deployed in apache running. Never used Discuz, I do not know how to make the site user data and user data Discuz consistent, because the site has been formed, the user table has not changed, Discuz estimate is the same, so they a user table with the same does not seem easy .. no experience in this area with prawns it?? Xianxie. .

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2009-05-10 01:07:56
The official did not provide ucenter java api only php version

Java's ucenter api
2009-05-10 01:20:45

Discuz integration API is indeed troublesome. put user data into Discuz UC is no previous UC is a good idea, the problem is only one encryption, other situations are not discussed here.

here Discuss why VIEW mode and direct mode does not work because the database.

Discuz UC is the user centric meaning Discuz BBS and Discuz UCH is 2 has a user data system, although way through the VIEW or other database user password UC can be directly manipulated, taking into account other users of the system data synchronization, you must put BBS UCH password synchronization also consider that this does not seem problem, the problem is to add a Discuz SS it? have to modify the program that is not a????

landing on synchronization problems, Discuz UC synchronization landing and SSO is not generally understood the process at any point landing, all the while landing write COOKIE. VIEW mode and direct database mode you can not achieve this effect, you must allow all applications API / UC.PHP accept calls generated landing COOKIE, while This process is UC provides SYSLOGIN () to achieve. As user name, user password synchronization updates are UC mechanism, whether it is VIEW or departure implementations are clumsy and difficult to expand. If you do not consider these, your user name may Repeat, password changes may also cause problems.

Discuz UC integration is not so EASY, if no contact, and want their own independent design, you do not crashed related API, own independent development normally takes about 10 days, if you bypass the UC development, then to the forum API application, then it means the place or change UC UC, development time estimated to take a month or longer.
for PHP know much better not to modify UC and interface standards.

is little research on the UC, to provide the above view, in the present case, according to the UC interface standards do is the best method, the database mode is not recommended to consider, a little mistake will cause irreparable damage. too, is warning bar. use someone else's system is the most a bad place, not trying to make use of them will be able to use.
2009-05-10 01:34:58

outset, I purely passing. If my words offend people see cool.

1.Discuz6.1 above version of the user table structure you understand it redundant, ran directly UCENTER is the right way! Otherwise, you will be a great mistake to ---- UC user data and forums such data are not uniform (same account)

2.Discuz user integration is to understand the UC works on the premise that any database connection is the wrong choice (only user data area), to understand the principle after you know WHY it.

LS method that many people consider only Discuz, did not consider UC, UC synchronization landing approach can not simply attributable SSO context, to consider the issue at least to consider the overall UC applications and all affiliated users. Whether or modify the password UC forum password, UCH passwords are to be synchronized. Therefore, from Discuz standards do provide a very effective way.

3. network has open source API, but for your situation demands, UC is not possible to achieve perfection - the first landing after the next, then there is this in the forum Account (still active), if the forum registered users may cause users confuse matters. What is the best way? Put your user data into UC, if the password system is not the same, see if you can turn, turn not, then the user data synchronization is a troubling issue.

2009-05-10 01:49:41
two approach: let all users to re-register using discuz;
Second: research discuz table structure, your site has registered users import information (that is, the content of your site into discuz user table user table); In addition, this process is best done with the program, so that the future can be a trigger or timed tasks to be done automatically.
2009-05-10 02:05:41
method 2:
1. If Mysql5 more, you can use the view. Let Discuz visit your site through view existing user table
2. Redevelop an administrative user's Web service, so Discuz user authentication processing is carried out via the API
2009-05-10 02:19:03

Discuz table structure document can be downloaded from the official.
2009-05-10 02:21:33
The most convenient way to have two:
1, timing synchronization. Can be placed on every night. Timeliness handicap, but the most worry.
2, triggers. Absolutely real.
2009-05-10 02:41:29
Discuz no sso component?
2009-05-10 02:58:51

view synchronized with twelve tables can be achieved, however, if the new complex user information synchronization is not Haonong.

what step to do, depending on how you intend to design the system.

me an idea:
ideal solution is in your existing website user management data base, make a user authentication, login and user information updates API ( WEB services),
put Discuz about user authentication, login and user information update process, all data operations into a rewrite,
making the API to access your DAO.

However, this is just an idea, specifically whether such a change, you need to look at Discuz data layer and logic layer separation condition (Discuz design is difficult to say)
2009-05-10 03:10:00

If is shared ID and password-based, it is easy to do.
but the problem is that the existing site and Discuz password encryption is the same.
2009-05-10 03:18:48
I think Discuz can not let you do that, so he is not a user can easily migrate to other sites down? If they do not prevent this, what competitive, say, people The product is this, if a user uses his product users can easily drain, will inevitably result in distrust, I think unless one day they provide API! I also just personal speculation, I do not know the specific operation.
2009-05-10 03:27:21
you can only choose
2 with only one database to do third-party certification
2009-05-10 03:32:07
I have just completed their websites and discuss7 integration, by the need to contact me. 25818055
2009-05-10 03:46:09
ucenter provides an API interface, add this when you register, you can
2009-05-10 03:54:07

Thank you very much. . The second way I think so, real-time updates discuz user table data, but I think discuz no better way to do this? ?

froole brother can no longer elaborate it? ? ?
2009-05-10 03:59:27
Follow + Learning + top
2009-05-10 04:02:19
2009-05-10 04:10:24

all very well, but they are in different databases, will not too much trouble .. (merged into the same database, then touches also be considered)
2009-05-10 04:29:58

It shall modify Discuz source, and not right. .
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